3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Right Size Home

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It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or building a house: determining how big you want your home to be will be one of the most important things you need to consider. Instinct may tell you the bigger the better, but is this necessarily true? Bigger houses do provide more physical space however, they’ll also cost more to run and require … Read More

How to Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior

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Modern Australian Home

Million-dollar question – What is the first thing people see when visiting your home? a. Letterbox b. Garden c. Front door d. All of the above! If you answered D, then well done – you’re correct! Being in the business for over a decade, all too common we’ve seen people pour all their focus onto perking up the inside of … Read More

Top 4 reasons why you MUST budget when planning your building project.

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Whether you’re building from scratch, or just renovating – setting a budget is pivotal to the smooth running and success of your project. Budgets do take a lot of time, effort and brainpower, however, we can guarantee you that you’ll much rather put in the hard yards now, than having to deal with stressful issues later once your build is … Read More

Top reasons why people go over a budget!

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Never go over budget again! Here’s a guide Always remember to PLAN! Renovating your home is an exciting process but it is important to take a step back from the perfect image in your head and determine what is an achievable outcome for you. It is essential to ask the appropriate questions at the beginning of your renovation in order … Read More

5 tips on getting the BANG for your BUCK!

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Can I swap this?  Whilst we all wish we could have the best of everything, this isn’t always feasible in a budget and sacrifices need to be made. Fortunately, accessories are the perfect place to start and choose a cheaper alternative without anyone being able to spot the difference. For example, this terrazzo base lamp from KMART is only $10, … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renovating

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Are you finding it hard to choose between renovating your existing home or just pulling the plug and buy a new home?  We’ve put together some important questions that we regularly ask clients to help ensure that a renovation is something they really want to undertake. Let’s start with the most straight forward question… 1.Do you love your existing home? … Read More

4 ways of maximising your build on a small block

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Building on a small or narrow block doesn’t have to mean a dull and cramped space, Elite can offer a range of services to take your project to the next level. Here are 4 ways to maximise your space and get the most out of your smaller build. Build Smart When planning your small-block build its important to really think … Read More

Top 5 common mistakes people make when renovating

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Having been in the business for almost two decades, we’ve witnessed all sorts of renovating situations. Here are 5 common mistakes we’ve seen people make again and again with their renovations. Building mistakes are expensive and time consuming, so save yourself from wasting unnecessary time and money and avoid at all costs! Being short sighted When renovating, always think long … Read More

5 things to consider when finding a location for your build

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If you thought deciding to build or not was a tough decision, let us tell you – choosing where to build is even more challenging! Location is fundamentally the most important factor to consider when building a property. If it’s for investment purposes, location has a big impact on the cost and appreciation value of the property, and if it’s … Read More