3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Right Size Home

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It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or building a house: determining how big you want your home to be will be one of the most important things you need to consider.

Instinct may tell you the bigger the better, but is this necessarily true?

Bigger houses do provide more physical space however, they’ll also cost more to run and require more time for cleaning. On the other hand, smaller houses will often be more energy-efficient and require less time and effort to maintain.

Here’s a point to note: space that is well designed is better than having lots of space that is poorly utilised. Never underestimate the power of strategic organisation!

However ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, so here are three questions to ask yourself to determine what size house is right for you.

What is your budget?

To get started, you need to figure out your budget. What are you looking to spend on your new purchase/build? Once your budget is clear, you will have good parameters to work within.

Think you can make do without a budget? Think again! Read our blog here on why you must have a budget.

How many rooms do you need?

To get a ballpark on how big your house should be, complete the following activity:

  1. Make a list of all the rooms you wish to have in your new home (include how many of each)
  2. Filter the list into:

a. Essential Rooms e.g. bedrooms, bathrooms
b. Ideal Rooms e.g. playroom

Once you are done, your ‘essential rooms’ list forms the basis of your house plan.

When compiling this list, align it to your present and future lifestyle.

Questions to ask yourself are:

How many people will be living in the house?
Will you have kids in the future?
Do you work from home?

Remember – houses are long-term purchases and therefore you need to plan ahead. Do your best to anticipate any big changes over the next few years.

How much land do you need?

Once you’ve got an idea on the above, the next factor to determine is how much land you actually need. At this stage, it’s good to dive deeper into the elements of each room e.g. what type of kitchen do you prefer? how big is your furniture? etc.

After you’ve got those details, it’s time to discuss with your builder and agent. You should align your wants with your budget to determine what you can afford. Remember: don’t underestimate the power of strategic organisation!

Overall, don’t let a certain sized home lock you down. Analyse and figure out what you need and want, align it with your budget, research and go with the heart.

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