4 ways of maximising your build on a small block

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Building on a small or narrow block doesn’t have to mean a dull and cramped space, Elite can offer a range of services to take your project to the next level. Here are 4 ways to maximise your space and get the most out of your smaller build.

Build Smart
When planning your small-block build its important to really think about the space and build with the size limitations in mind. A 2-storey home is the best way to maximise space, and offers more options for personal touches and design flourishes. It also has the added benefit of increasing the value of your property down the track. Nowadays, 2-storey designs can be both diverse and design-savvy, just look at this custom build we did, maximising space on a small block.

Another thing to consider for your build is a range of in-built and smart storage solutions, such as in-built and hidden storage areas.

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary is a great way to highlight every part of your home, try a vertical garden to spruce up plain walls.

Light, light and more light
A great way to open up your space is through natural light, maximizing natural light will give your home an airy and spacious feel. For us here in the southern hemisphere that means facing your build north/north-east if possible. This orientation will maximize both direct and indirect sunlight. It’s a good idea to think about adding plenty of windows and ways for light to trickle in. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Play with skylights in your bathrooms, or try frosted or stained glass for something different.

Have a look at window inspiration here. Remember to keep the hot summer sun in mind, and consider awnings and shades to limit its impact.

Create and maximise space
This seems like a no-brainer, but you need to make your space feels larger than it is, make your spaces work for you! Opening up your home with high ceilings is a great way to instil a sense of spaciousness. For a small block we recommend 2.7m as a minimum height. Experimenting with multiple heights will also bring new shapes, shadows and ways for light to reflect and move around the space, so keep this in mind.

With a small build its important to avoid having single-purpose rooms, these will feel cramped and limit their use and flexibility. Aim for rooms that serve multiple functions. Creating nooks will also add a feeling of openness or try using levels to break up plain spaces.

Focus on connections between spaces
It’s important to feel connected to your home and its various spaces. Clear and long lines of sight into your backyard or surrounding views are a great way of bringing outside space into your home.

Consider alfresco areas and balconies, or try a walkway, sliding door or path for something different. You want your build to flow from indoor to outdoor, creating a sense of space and liveliness. Being comfortable and enjoying privacy in your own home is another way to avoid feeling cramped. Try using leafy plants and feature walls to shelter your backyard, creating a tropical oasis! Look here for examples of some of our favourite small builds.

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