5 things to consider when finding a location for your build

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If you thought deciding to build or not was a tough decision, let us tell you – choosing where to build is even more challenging! Location is fundamentally the most important factor to consider when building a property. If it’s for investment purposes, location has a big impact on the cost and appreciation value of the property, and if it’s for living, it has direct influence on quality of life. To assist you, here are five things you should consider when finding a location for your build.

1. Safety

There’s nothing worse than living in an area where you have to be constantly worried about security. Not only does it cause unnecessary stress but high crime rates also mean higher insurance fees and higher risk in terms of the appreciation of the property. To avoid this, you must do thorough research on the areas you are interested in. This means checking the latest crime statistics via SA Police Neighbourhood Watch and visiting the area yourself. Driving around at different times of the day in different weather conditions will help you get your own feel on the area.

2. Terrain Condition

Once you have a piece of land in mind, site evaluation is a must. Things to ask yourself are:

• Is the size, orientation and slope suitable for your build?
• How much solar exposure is there?
• How much wind exposure is there?
• Are there any views?
• Are there any flora and/or fauna protections in place?
• How high is the risk of any natural disaster?

These are all important factors to consider as they could have serious effects on your budget, build and design. To get in-depth details on the land, it is beneficial to hire a surveyor.

3. Planning Controls

In addition to restrictions regarding the terrain, you also need to consider the planning controls governing it. This could include anything from zoning, overlays, neighbourhood character guidelines, heritage and/or flora and fauna conservation and height limits etc. Remember to seek this information from the local council.

4. Lifestyle

Living in an area which is both comfortable and convenient contributes strongly to a good quality of life. Besides from the technical factors in considering where to build, you also need to put emphasis on thinking about things that are important to you and your family. Remember to think long-term as your interests and habits may change throughout the years. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

• How far away from your loved ones do you want to be?
• What schools are in the area?
• What sorts of facilities are there nearby (e.g. parks, gyms, libraries, hospitals etc.)

5. Traffic Conditions and Commute

Assessing the traffic conditions around your area is really important. Don’t just be mesmerised about how perfect the piece of land seems. Will you have the tolerance to deal with noise from constant traffic? Can you cope with cars always driving up and down your street? Are you okay with poor parking for visitors? Assess now and avoid being unpleasantly surprised later.

It is also vital to evaluate how far away your frequent destinations are e.g. work, gym, friend’s house etc. A long commute may seem bearable at the beginning but may turn into an irreversible nuisance when you’re busier and time becomes extra valuable.

Choosing the perfect site will take a lot of time, research and effort. By effectively evaluating these factors, we hope you are better equipped in making the important decision. If you need any further advice, please feel free to contact us!

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