5 tips on getting the BANG for your BUCK!

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Can I swap this? 

Whilst we all wish we could have the best of everything, this isn’t always feasible in a budget and sacrifices need to be made. Fortunately, accessories are the perfect place to start and choose a cheaper alternative without anyone being able to spot the difference.

For example, this terrazzo base lamp from KMART is only $10, in comparison to a luxury brand terrazzo lamp which costs $105. Due to it only being a simple addition to the home for decoration, cutting costs on smaller ticket items such as these can help with having more money to spend in other areas.


Painting is not only a costly expense but can be a tedious and difficult job to do yourself. Therefore, why not have the best of both worlds. Pick up your brush and paint the undercoats yourself in order to minimise the number of hours you would need to pay a professional. However, for the final few coats and those difficult skirting boards hire a professional to ensure that the final job looks perfect.

Alternatively, Elite Builders offers a ‘lock up package’ which is a cost-saving building option that leaves painting, tiles etc left for you to do.

Re-use material

Is it really ready for the rubbish or does it just need a makeover? If you’re updating your home to follow a new modern-day look then don’t be so quick to throw out the old wooden table. You’ll be amazed what a little varnish and paint can do, you’ll have a new black chic table in a few hours.

Don’t throw items away

What may be one person’s trash is another’s treasure. This is important to remember when renovating and throwing items away. Sell your products on Gumtree or eBay. Whilst it may not be a large amount, that extra $10 could contribute to the marble surface you want.

Think long term

It is easy to get caught up in the current trends of ‘what’s in’ but it is important to think long term. Choosing colours of more neutral tones is best for whether you want to re-decorate your décor in the future. Again, it is important to remember that you may sell this house so whilst you love the electric red feature wall this may deter future buyers.

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