How to Start the Renovation of your Dream Home.

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What’s the process?

There’s no one ‘process’ as far as renovation goes – each house is different, each person is different, and each renovation brings with it new challenges and new tastes.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which space to touch on first.
“What room am I even supposed start with?!”
Knock one wall down? Two?

We’ve put together some key points that we get asked about when people are thinking of doing a remodel.

What does a reno look like in your head?
Messy? Disorganised? An overall big inconvenience?

Ideally, the renovation process should be as seamless and as quick as possible whilst providing excellence and quality. Then you can be excited by the experience and go back into living your best life and of course, relishing in your new space.


Where should you start?

A great way to start is to think about what are you are trying to achieve. Are the kids moving out and you’re looking to turn that space into an entertaining area? Maybe the family is expanding and you need another living space and bathroom. Do you need to consider an extension (click here to read our blog on things to know before building your home extension)?  It’s all about deciding what you require and what you want your lifestyle to reflect. With a goal in mind it’s easier to decide what you’d like to achieve with your reno.

At Elite Building and Renovations, we recently undertook a renovation project for a lovely client in Queenstown (see footage here). This project showcased gorgeous textures and grades between brick and wood, complimented by white subway titles and cabinetry. We had a great time building, but most importantly, it matched what the person was after.


How much to spend?

After figuring out what you need in a home, work out a budget.

A bit handy yourself? A great way to save costs is to roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty, and if you’re not into it, do some solid research into your trades. Make sure you source a builder that works closely with you on your wants and desires because after all, it’s your home.


But you said it would be $XXX!?!

Look, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Removing asbestos or the renovation of older homes, means things might not be in the best condition to keep with your new build. It can be costly to make changes if they weren’t foreseen. As nice as it would be to have a build and not run into any problems, it’s always best to put a little extra on your budget, just in case.


The design process

Unsure of what the potential space could look like? Why not research? Pinterest has some incredible inspiration and designs that might just get you going. And hey, if you’re really not sure what you’re looking for to finish your extension, get in touch with some leading interior designers to fill your home with quality finishes and pieces that really match your style. Still need help? Take a look at some of our amazing finishes here.

In the end you should try talking to your builder to get an idea of what is actually possible. They’ll be able to tell you – structurally – what can or can’t be moved or knocked down. They will also be able to help you plan and design with good tips and ideas on what materials to use and what is suitable to the existing home and area. Most importantly, do your research, it should be a fun and exciting experience! Good luck! For more information on our renovations expertise, click here!

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