Top 4 Upgrades That Pay Off at Resale

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If you’re looking to renovate for the resale of your home, make sure your plans include spending money on the upgrades that will actually add value. Some changes will cost more than others and you just won’t get the same benefit. We’ve come up with some projects that are going to give your home the best return come auction day.

1. Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be a huge contributor to the sale of a house. If the kitchen needs a lot of work, it can be off putting for a buyer because it essentially means they’ll eventually have to spend more cash.

Renovating the kitchen doesn’t always mean scrapping what’s already there and spending $80,000 on a new one. Replacing countertops, splashbacks or giving the cabinet doors a fresh coat of paint could be all the kitchen needs to feel fresh and clean. Keeping things neutral, consistent and trying not to follow your personal style is also key. Have the buyer in mind when making changes, you want them to envisage themselves in the kitchen and only see the minor changes they need to make to satisfy their own style.


2. Bathroom

What everyone wants is a bathroom that looks and feel clean. If you’re going to renovate your existing bathroom, look to fresh paint, tidy fixtures and adjusting fittings.

There are definitely items, such as gorgeous stone baths or extravagant mirrors, that you could splash out on to make your bathroom deluxe but in the end, they’re not going to largely contribute to your overall return. If you have a solid foundation already and only spend the money on replacing old, rusted items, you spend less and get more.
When renovating for sale, you just need to make your buyer imagine themselves in your home. Keep it simple, tidy and clean, too much is distracting. Click here to read our blog on ways to glam up your bathroom.

3. Repainting

You can instantly modernise and refresh a tired and old property with a simple fresh coat of paint. Choosing neutral colours that enhance the light in each room and tie in well with the furnishings and general scheme of the home will have a positive impact on the buyer. Faded or peeling paint may give the impression your home isn’t well kept and there may be problems under the surface.
Don’t forget you can always paint the exterior of your home as well. Render can pick up and hold dirt, so a pressure clean or repaint (neutral colours) is going to do wonders. This leads us into how the exterior can influence your buyer.


4. Street Appeal

The first impression of a potential buyer is the exterior and improving on the little things can have a big impact. Working your way from the front fence until the front door, just making sure everything is tidy and neat. Replacing the mail box, mowing the lawn or filling the garden beds mean there is “less work” for the buyer to do after settlement.
The front door is the welcoming point to your home and a new and modern door can set the vibe for the buyers walk through. A good oil, or again, paint could be all that it takes.

Maximise your return from the moment the buyer walks through the front gate through some simple upgrades. You can always research some quick fixes and options so that you’re not pouring money down the drain before sale. A common theme is to repaint. It’s is the cheapest and easiest way to change the perception of your home and make it more modern and appealing.

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