Top 5 trends in kitchen design for 2019

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Gone are the days where kitchens served only one sole purpose. Today in 2019, kitchens are glamorous, open areas where families bond and children learn. They’re sometimes even the focal point of the house! Re-modelling an outdated kitchen can improve your daily lives immensely. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a makeover this year, here are five of the latest kitchen design trends to consider.

  1. Statement Kitchen Islands

Big and bold kitchen islands are now the star of the show and for a very good reason. They are extremely stylish yet practical. Not only do they increase your kitchens functionality, adding more storage and preparation space but they also act as a good socialising area where the kids can help out with meal prep, or you and your friends can enjoy a glass of wine.

  1. Special Sinks

It’s time to ditch the stainless steel and swap it for something sui generis and chic. Some popular materials include porcelain-enamelled cast iron, fireclay, acrylic, copper, solid and stone. Each material radiates its own unique beauty and therefore you should choose one that sparks your interest and suits the overall style of your kitchen.

  1. Darker Colour Tones

Have you ever realised that we tend to always experiment boldly with colours in our bedrooms, lounge rooms and even bathrooms at times but often enough, we’re more conservative with our kitchens, sticking with the whites and creams? Let 2019 be the year of change because you know what? Darker coloured kitchens are in and they look amazingly classy and eccentric!

  1. Smart Storage Solution Cabinets

Storage space is a crucial factor to consider when re-modelling your kitchen. A messy and disorganised kitchen will not only affect the overall ambience of the space but it’ll also make your life a lot harder than it should be. The good news is, there are lots of modern and clever built-in storage cabinets nowadays, that unlike the traditional overhead cabinets, help you effectively and efficiently store your kitchen appliances without looking out of place and taking up a lot of space.


  1. Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are not a new trend but definitely one that’s still sitting strong in 2019. These effortlessly glamourous countertops are extremely durable and easily maintained. They are non-porous and therefore will not stain and are anti-bacteria, making cleaning a breeze!


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